Backyard beginnings

As we tended to the needs of our own local backyard, we were reminded of the interconnectedness of all communities.

Who we are

Purposeful innovation

Localisation is the foundation of our ethos, guiding our innovation and demonstrating our profound commitment to making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve.

Small business advocacy

From the start, we've supported small businesses, recognising their vital role. Our commitment? Delivering impactful solutions for their sustained growth, now and in the future.

Community effort

Community, connection, and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do. Together, we amplify our strength, creating a positive ripple effect that shape a better world.

Our Story


The backstory

Our founder Adam Russell worked closely with friends who owned Byron Bay businesses facing challenges balancing prices for tourists and locals. With the need to maintain affordability for locals while catering to the tourist market, the idea of a Locals Card emerged.

Early 2021

The spark

Craig Thomas organised a lunch for individuals from a co-working space in Byron Bay. Jason Bronts presented a business proposal, followed by Adam championing and pitching the idea of the Locals Card. The concept resonated, sparking energy and momentum for the project.

Mid-Late 2021

The concept

After the lunch, Adam recognised that a mobile app offered communication, compared to a traditional card. He collaborated with a skilled development team to bring the vision to life, resulting in an innovative app that seamlessly connects businesses and customers.

Mid 2022

The platform

Local Pegs officially launched, offering a platform that went beyond simple transactions to facilitate meaningful interactions between businesses and patrons. Key merchants joined us, sharing our vision for community enrichment, while our founding team remained steadfast.

Late 2022

The features

Adam was introduced to Helena Norberg-Hodge. Her influence broadened the team's understanding of localisation, guiding Local Pegs towards a more holistic approach. This led to the integration of features like Marketplace and Online Stores, deepening community engagement.

What does Pegs mean?

Looking after our own backyard