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Empowering businesses

By facilitating direct communication between your business and customers, Pegs provides a unique opportunity to build a sense of community.

Financial resilience

Leverage our platform to promote your business during quieter periods and engage your local community, bolstering financial resilience.

Circular economy

Pegs fosters a positive feedback loop between businesses and locals, enriching the community's economic vitality and positioning your business as an integral part of it.

Capabilities for business

Explore the key features that will elevate your business and strengthen your connection with the local and student communities. From powerful marketing tools to streamlined transaction processes, we provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the modern money landscape.


Set dynamic discounts

Refine your business's discount strategy to seamlessly contribute to the community with each user purchase, enhancing local connections while ensuring sustained profitability.

Discounts and offers

Purposeful cross-marketing

Post updates and promotions directly to Pegs users through push notifications or posts for effective and targeted communication with your audience.

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Effortless payments, secure transactions

Pegs offers a secure payment solution right from the app's built-in terminal so you can transact confidently with instant and secure transactions.

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Online shopfronts

Pegs facilitates seamless and secure order placement and fulfillment within the app. Expand your reach and enrich the local economy's vibrancy, no matter your size.

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Personalized promotions

Reduce waste by sending last-minute notifications to Pegs users following your business. Notify locals of excess meals or discounted offerings efficiently.

Discounts with heart

Be a part of creating a powerful ripple effect of community support. As part of our commitment to community empowerment, a small portion of locals’ savings goes directly to a local charity.

Your discounts become a catalyst for impactful change, supporting the very charities that help your community thrive.


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